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Westcoast Nature Retreat: where the ocean meets the earth!

Westcoast Nature Retreat is located remotely in the middle of nature where south-west Europe meets the vast Atlantic Ocean. Located on a hill, it immerses completely in the amazing scenery of the famous natural park which stretches down to the ocean that you can see glittering behind the dunes and pine trees. Its special energy is enhanced by the strength of natures elements, where high cliffs offer a view over the wide ocean and the air is filled with a refreshing, aromatic breeze.

Immersed in a coastal nature park
Cozy and peaceful
Tasty, healthy food
Lovely yoga spaces for smaller and larger groups
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Enchanting Retreat Centre in peaceful nature

Offering lots of space and accommodation options, this place completely adjusts to your needs. Two most beautiful wooden yoga shalas (170sqm and 70sqm) offer a beautiful atmosphere with ample space and privacy for your activities. And of course the large property tempts to stay outside, connected with ocean and earth. One of the most famous surfers beaches of the Algarve is located just a few kilometers away, this place of amazing natural beauty will recharge your batteries and leave in-credible memories.

Cozy rooms & indoor common areas and an abundant garden

Cozy bedrooms, tastefully decorated common areas inside as well as outside in the abundant garden and carefully prepared local fresh food are the foundation you can build your retreat on. If you like to add activities to your retreat schedule please let us know. There is also a spa area offering massages and a sauna.

Standard wise Westcoast Nature Retreat offers 24 comfortable bedrooms in suites, some ensuite and some with 2 rooms sharing one bathroom. It can host a large group up to 60 people, but can also be booked with single rooms for a more exclusive approach. As there are two shalas on the property, it can even run two separate retreats at the same time, so smaller groups can also enjoy this truly unique and special place.

Features Westcoast Nature Retreat

Rental options:
– Exclusive private rental for up to 60 people (all 24 bedrooms +dorm +extra 3 bedroom house)

Joined rental:
– Version A: for one larger group for 14-38 people (14 bedrooms)
– Version B: for one smaller group for 10-24 people (10 bedrooms)

Venue consiting of
– main former farm house with 9 suites (17 bedrooms),
– separate building with 4 suites (4 bedrooms)
– a dorm for up to 6 people (6 beds)
– three individual houses (beinga 1 bedroom, a 2 bedroom and one 3 bedroom house)
– one large shala (170sqm)
– one smaller shala (70sqm)
– indoor and otdoor common area
– indoor and outdoor dining area
– professional kitchen
– large hilly grounds of an old, traditional farmland

Immersed in a nature park on top of a hill with ocean views (2,5km from a paradise surfers beach)

Possible activies in the area:
– surfing
– bird watching
– nature walks
– biking and horse riding