The retreat of your dreams!

Yoga Retreat Group Meditating

Most Yoga teachers dream of one day holding their own retreat by the sea, but organizing it all by themselves seems impossible for many. We make it easy to fulfil the dream wether you are new to retreat organizing or already experienced in doing so: Profit from our knowledge and let us realize your perfect retreat! More than 12 years of holding retreats and organizing yoga holidays in the Algarve make us experts concerning venues, activities, wishes and needs of all kind.

Professional retreat organization made simple:

We offer all the services you need, from the retreat venue with yoga equipment, to transfers and tours, from picknicks to beach yoga locations, boat trips or nature walks. We are fluent in Portuguese, have established excellent partnerships and know where and how to arrange what you like and need.

Just bring your group and teach!

Create your retreat

Venue selection and Catering:

First choose the retreat venue fitting your preferences and group size.

All venues are equipped with yoga material (mats, cushions, blankets, belts). Following the request form, already adding your wishes for transfer (always included in our prices) from the airport and choice of meals.

According to the group size and season prices vary, so we send you an individual offer.

Individual choice of highlights and services:

In the time until the retreat actually begins, you might want to work out a detailed program of the week, and choose the activities you want to include into the retreat: 

  • We can organize a nice welcome drink, snack or dinner awaiting you at arrival in your retreat place
  • We can take you for a nature walk and show you the amazing cliffs,
  • you could take a boat ride along the coast and explore the caves and beaches,
  • or you might even like to admire the beauty of the landscape on a balloon ride from up above or stay grounded and explore nature by bike!

Please see more possibilities below in "Experiences and Activities" section!

Yoga and Spiritual Nature Experience

In our own retreats we practice yoga outdoors whenever possible. Nature inspires and supports our lessons, lays the foundation for grounding, letting go and restore.

Depending on the season and weather conditions we can offer you different yoga nature experiences, from calm to breathtaking. They can be planned as „yoga only“ visits up to whole day trips including a picknick/lunch and a nature walk to fully immerse in this magnificent spot on earth!

It is an amazing experience to teach out in the open, with the ocean creating his own sound and rhythm with the waves rolling in, with the freshness of the air that invigorates all our cells and fills our perception with surprising fragrances and scents.

  • We know the best spots for sunrise or sunset meditations on the cliffs,

  • the most beautiful beaches for unforgettable yoga lessons 

  • or the most spectacular mountain tops for powerful pranajama sessions with breathtaking views!

Magic happens when we immerse into nature and let it connect our selves to the pulse of life beneath our feet.

Experiences and Activities
  • Explore  (Nature Walks, Boat trips, Kajak, Bike)

    With some of the finest beaches in Europe embedded in a impressive coastline, enchanting cork oak forests and an amazing variety of fauna and flora there is a lot to discover! You can choose your way of exploring some of that beauty, fitting perfectly into your retreat.

    Nature walks:

    Let us show you the true treasures the Algarve is holding! Spectacular cliffs and beaches are just one aspect, on the small side we find the most amazing wild orchids, the largest day butterfly in Europe or flamingos in mirror-like lagoons. We know this area very well, and Stefanie being a passionate biologist and nature tour guide loves to share her fascination and knowledge with you. Our tours will be completely designed to your needs and some can be combined with picknicks or outdoor yoga experiences.

    Boat trip along the coast:

    See the Algarve from a different perspective! The boat ride along the coast shows you the most spectacular cliff formations and even takes you inside the famous caves like the world famous cave of Benagil.


    Explore hidden routes along the coast, through orange groves dotted with bright fruits, stopping for a coffee in a little fishermans village – our mountainbike and e-bike specialists show you the way. First class material, knowledgeable guides and a wide choice of routes for all levels and preferences guarantee a unique experience for your group.

  • Energywork & Wellness (Massages, Reiki, Cranio, Sound Journeys)

    During your retreat time you might want to enjoy special treatments to stretch and relax your body, balance your system and restore your energies. All therapists are qualified and very experienced. You can choose from


    Craniosacral therapy


    Sound Journeys

  • Cultural Algarve (Historical Towns & Castles, Archeological Sites)

    Cultural town of Silves Algarve

  • Unforgettable Experience

    Some experiences are unforgettable. They will stay with us because they were so outstanding, or because they gave us the chance to master a challenge and experience something unique. There are some awesome things to see and do!

    Balloon ride

    Dive experience


    Ancient Sail Ship Tour